Why Selva

Selva is consumed in 5 continents & over 80 countries!
Selva has been the most important flour, semolina and pasta exporter since it’s establishment. Today Selva is sold in 5 continent and over 80 countries. Selva reaches the peoples same taste level in the world so they find the magic of taste in Selva from Japan to Somali, from Australia to Trinidad… And they all call Selva as “ Magic of Taste”
Selva, can be reheated and give you the taste like it is the first time!
You cook Selva and eat it with pleasure and enjoy. But some of your pasta remains. Don’t worry! You can keep your cooked pasta in closed container in refrigerator and even after two days you can reheat and eat it with the same taste, color and shape just like the first time!
Selva production facility are under control !
Selva production facilities are being monitored and controlled against insects all the time! Also, Selva inspects the distributors warehouses. Even dust is not allowed to get in production and warehouse building beacuse of special air conditioning system that creates positive air pressure.
Selva, offers the same flavour in all seasons!
It doesn’t matter for Selva if it is the winter or summer! Selva production facilities have the thermos building system that control heat and moisture balanced in all seasons. We treat our products just like the babies in couveuse. As a result, you can eat Selva with the same taste in all seasons!
Selva, uses high temperature technology!
Selva uses High Temperature Technology while producing pasta. Pasta dries at higher temperatures according to old fashion technologies. As a result of this technology,
  • Pasta will be well shaped and piece by piece.
  • Superior tasted, absorbs sauces well and makes its flavour more delicious
  • Selva pasta can be re-heated and it will not ruin its shape and taste.
  • Selva pasta seems more homogenous according to the others.
  • Pasta doesn’t lose its shape and sticks when it cooked.
  • Seems perfect in the plate.
No Metals in Our Package!
Each Selva product detected several times by the computer controlled metal dedector and scaled each by each. If there i