Vision, Mission and Values


To Be the Permanent Taste in Palates& Minds, Wherever the People Live


To Be an Innovative Company That Creates Value for Our Shareholders With Our Product Line


We generate “trust” for our shareholders with our knowledge, experience, work performance, loyalty to corporate values and principle We make our promises just in time, perform trustworthy proffesional approaches in everytime and in every matter.
We approach to our shareholders with respect, listen their opinions and care about it. We respect human rights, nature, environment, all legal changes and also do our duty to create public awareness.
We work in cooperation with our shareholders with honesty. We act in justice and keep the right things in our minds in every time and in every matter. We don’t have an eye to our interests, care for equal opportunities,and make steady,consistent, objective approaches.
Open to innovations and do necessites of these innovations without hesitation. Being an innovator company by creating a new product and approach is one of our principle. So we care for inversting on people and support innovations, changes and improvements. We courage our shareholders to implement the innovations, tell their oppinions with open hearted and create new solutions in everytime.
We believe in working with in cooperation and power of the communication. We run our business with open and common mind, be part of the team with consideration of “us”motivation. We share our knowledge, experience with eachother and our shareholders. We intend to be supportive, open to communicate, positive team member.
We care for our customers expectations and needs. We make up "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" as a principle, fullfill our commitments beyond the expectations and create effective solutions to matters just in time. We keep our product, service and quality standarts consistent and run our business parallel with international standarts.